(…) In general, interferences are problematic and can be very detrimental to customers,  users and as well within the industry as a whole. GovSat believes that the work that IRG is doing is clearly imperative in the fight to reduce interference, because working collaboratively as an industry is crucial in these efforts. The way that GovSat mitigates interference is through the work it performs with its neighbours, based on fair and firm satellite coordination agreements, along with the consistent policing of the spectrum. Antenna registration is also part of the ‘backbone’ of interference mitigation. Furthermore, it works alongside its system vendors to optimise the usage of tools available.

Russ Hogan, Director Service Operations, GovSat commented: “Being a member of IRG is really important to GovSat because it enables us to work more closely with our industry peers. IRG events, like the Brighton workshop I attended last Autumn, act as forums for discussion and help us, as an industry, explore ways we can tackle interference collaboratively (…)

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